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At Paronome, we like the Desert B! And we collect the works of Moebius | Jean Giraud

« Where am I? » You will ask yourself. Well, dear traveler, you have found an oasis in the desert, as beautiful as a camel, and as rare as the chin of an obese person laughing.

This site is therefore intended to collect as many works of moebius as possible, in their best resolution.

Contrary to what one might think, there is (to my knowledge) no site to read / watch the works of moebius by BD and in high resolution. So I’m fixing this problem by creating This name has been assigned in a totally arbitrary manner, and does not meet any standard. He can not ask where he comes from because he has no other roots than my imagination.

How can I contribute ?  |Comment puis-je contribuer ?

Gathering a lot of drawings is not easy, and I will greatly need your help. If you wish to contribute in any way (improvement, link to a gallery, donation of file …), leave a comment on this page! I will take note of your suggestions and add galleries.